DarkSights Observatory




This is my "DarkSights Observatory" which was completed in July 2005.  It was built using plans provided by SkyShed, and then modified a bit by me.   My location is clearly not a perfect place for visual astronomy or astrophotography, but since I wanted to have a permanent place to set-up my equipment it had to do.

I chose the 8'X10' model (although the plans have several size options), and I found that the plans are very complete and easy to follow.  I was able to build my observatory in about three week, essentially by myself.  Originally, I chose not to add a permanent pier, but built a solid set of support pads so that my Monolith Pier would have a solid, stable footing.  I has since removed the three footings and poured a 36" wide by 48" deep foundation for a permanent pier that now supports a Paramount ME.   For those considering this investment, I highly recommend building a permanent observatory!  I have used my equipment more, and with better results than ever before.  You will never regret it.


Here are a series of pictures of my observatory as it was under construction.











Floor Joists are build and ready for sub-flooring .  (June 15, 2005)                        Sub-floor is down and forms in place for Pier supports



Framing started                                                                                                        Pier Supports poured and framing is complete



Window installed and first wall panels in place                                                    View looking to the South of section of paneling installed



Roll-off roof support structure attached                                                                    Roof Rollers and Track installed



Roof structure is complete                                                                                    Roof is ready for final trusses and roofing


Door installed construction time to this point - 2 weeks (working alone)